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The Floki Foundation is a non-profit organization based in the US that supports the growth and development of the open-source FLOKI Platform. FLOKI is the utility token of the Floki ecosystem.

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About Floki Swap?

The FlokiSwap Foundation is a non-profit organization based in the US that supports the growth and development of the open-source FLOKI Platform. Guided by the FLOKI community tenets, the Foundation contributes to education, technical research, environmental health, community engagement, and ecosystem outreach—activities that support and encourage an inclusive financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity for everyone.

FlokiSwap Core Values

FlokiSwap is founded on three core values: unique purpose and connectedness. These, in turn, lead to practices that foster personal growth and community.

The Floki Vikings, a global community over 440,000 strong, are on a mission to make Floki the most popular crypto in the world. We are known for epic social media raids and making Floki memes to appeal to the masses. The community is the heart and soul of Floki.


What started as a meme has developed into an industry-leading utility project. Floki's innovative ecosystem offers a 3D NFT Metaverse, DeFi utilities, a crypto education platform, NFTs, a merchandise store, and more. Utility for the FLOKI token is our fundamental focus.


Among other initiatives, Floki has pledged to build a state-of-the-art school first on every continent, then in every underdeveloped nation of the world. Guatemala, Ghana, Laos, and Nigeria are already home to Floki schools. Making real-world change is at the core of Floki's mission.

Floki Swap NFT

This is Floki's attempt to disrupt Web3 commerce by creating an environment for people to trade NFTs and merchandise with crypto quickly, cost effectively, and globally. is live for all your Flokish needs and has partnered with Binance Pay to accept payment in multiple cryptocurrencies.

Floki Dex

Floki Dex Locker is the industry's most innovative protocol for securing digital assets. Securely lock Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens, NFTs, fungible tokens, and Multi-tokens in just a few clicks. FlokiFi Locker is audited by CertiK and backed by the strong Floki brand.




Floki Swap
Blockchain University

The Blockchain University of FlokiSwap will help fill the crypto education gap for over a billion users that are expected to enter Web3 in the coming years -- all while creating awareness for the FLOKI token. UoF had a succssful Beta test with over 300 eager applicants. Twenty lucky students enjoyed a week of live classes in Floki's virtual classroom environment. The first realease of asynchronous materials for University of Floki is expected in the Q3 of 2023.

FlokiSwap Use Cases

FLOKI token is a deflationary token that uses a Proof of Stake consensus algorithm and it is regulated by a token burn and buyback strategy.

Here is a summary of some of the utilities of the token:
  • Pay a 0.25% fee on every transaction
  • Participate in the liquidity pools
  • Participate in staking, yield farming and NFT exchange .

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